She’s a loyal girlfriend! Alex Reid introduces Chantelle Houghton to the glamorous world of cage fighting by kissing his opponent

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Loyal girlfriend: Chantelle Houghton sat by Alex Reid's side at his press conference earlier yesterday but the couple appeared bored as they tried and failed to suppress yawns

He has been gushing about just how much he loves his girlfriend Chantelle Houghton and despite her sitting right by his side Alex Reid was puckering up to someone else earlier yesterday.

The MMA fighter took his new love to a press conferred to promote his next fight but Chantelle’s presence didn’t stop Alex from kissing his opponent Jason Barrett.

Showing off: As the pair were weighed they showed off their moves

As the fighters were posing for pictures attempting to intimidate the other Alex leaned in for a cheeky kiss, which left Barrett raging and security had to step in to start a fight breaking out.

Before Alex took to the scales he was seen sitting down with Chantelle who, to be frank, looked extremely bored by the proceedings.

As the cagefighter sat in a cocky manner with his legs spread the former Big Brother contestant was seen attempting to suppress a yawn.

Squaring up: Alex and his opponent tried to intimidate each other before Alex surprised everyone by kissing Jason

And as her man got up onto the stage to size up to Jason, Chantelle had a glazed look on her face as Alex was weighed posing with his arms in the air.

He then stepped down to square up to Jason, who he is fighting tomorrow, before planting a kiss on his mouth.

Neither Alex, nor Chantelle mentioned the incident on Twitter.

Pucker up: Alex leaned in and kisses Jason on the lips which left the fighter raging and security had to pull them apart

Yesterday the couple gave a saccharine profession of love on This Morning gushing about each other and discussing their past relationships.

Alex explained: ‘I was very nervous when I first met Chantelle, because my heart was still broken... but she's mended it.'

And Chantelle was equally complimentary and said: 'I've got a lot going on personally... He makes me feel so secure. He makes me feel complete.'

Bored love? Chantelle didn't look too amused by Alex's antics and sat with a glazed look on her face
Yesterday the couple gave

What did you just do: Jason was furious that Alex had tried to kiss him and had to be held back

Cheeky smile: As Jason was flailing Alex grinned while Chantelle appeared unamused in the background

We're so in love: After a gushing interview on This Morning Alex and Chantelle visited Shaka Zulu to celebrate the restaurant's first birthday

Despite accusations their relationship is a 'showmance', they insist their love for each other is very real.

Last night the pair joined reality stars Imogen Thomas and Nicola and Lauren Goodger at restaurant and bar Shaka Zulu's first birthday celebrations.

And the couple certainly played up for the paparazzi as they kissed and cuddled at the event in Camden.

Hamming it up for the cameras: Alex and Chantelle put on a loved up display as the posed for pictures

source :dailymail
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