This is a bit awkward! Joe Jonas and Shia LaBeouf blank each other on Hollywood street

By Daily Mail Reporter

Stars collide: Shia LeBeouf and Joe Jonas almost brush shoulders at Sunset Plaza in Hollywood today

If you once imagined that in Hollywood you bump into celebrities every day only to be disabused of this notion, this picture is for you.

Because today, in a fairly quiet area of Hollywood called Sunset Plaza, Joe Jonas and Shia LaBeouf nearly bumped into each other on the street.

Jonas, 21 , as you can see below, is pulling the same face we all do when we've a) seen someone we know but don't want to talk to, or b) seen someone we know but are unsure if they remember/know who we are.

Transformers star LeBeouf on the other hand, seems genuinely not to have noticed the singing Puritan.

The 25-year-old is, of course, regarded as one of the coolest men in the film industry today, so perhaps LaBeouf was simply rocking his poker face.

And he was heading determinedly to Cafe Med, which serves the most delicious pasta in Hollywood, so perhaps hunger was driving him on.

Those of you familiar with L.A and the love of automobiles which renders walking a less acceptable pursuit in the community than even smoking, or heaven forbid, ageing, will wonder what the two stars are doing on foot.

Ships that pass: Shia and Joe today, they never even spoke

In Los Angeles, skinny gym fanatics will scream in agony if they're forced to walk more than three metres to a restaurant, and that's the non-celebrities.

So we have to clear up the fact that the Shia was leaving the parking lot as Joe headed back to his car with his team.

Sunset Plaza is also Hollywood's high street, every town has one, only in this case KFC is replaced with Mirabelle.

Joe dined at the equally high-end Japanese restaurant, Katsuya, in Hollywood the night before after he attended the premiere of 30 Minutes or Less.

Shia will head to Vancouver, Canada, next month to begin production on his political thriller, The Company You Keep, and has grown his hair and beard for the role.

New role: Shia yesterday, showing off his beard as he grabbed a coffee in Hollywood

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