Interesting Quote: J.J. Abrams

It’s interesting because we’ve actually given so much thought to some of the more broad strokes, little like story structure issues that are for me the defining issues to how the movie gets made and whether or not I’m directing it and all that kind of stuff.
There are many people who say there have been gay characters in the show all throughout. [laughs] I would say that it is, you know, something that I would love to do, but just the way I would be careful doing a story that would involve any of the characters and their personal lives. The balance is always, what how does that story relate to sort of the bad guy, which by the way is always going to be that critical thing, what are they up against? The question how do you get into literally these are personal sexual lives of these characters? Like what is that going to be about. I don’t know who’s assuming characters aren’t gay or are gay. You know what I’m saying? 
J.J. talks about gay characters in Star Trek
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