Are these outfits too risque for sweet Selena Gomez? Star debuts racy on-stage looks


Risque: Selena Gomez shocked some of her fans by wearing a revealing outfit for her gig at Darien Lake theme park in upstate New York last night

Fans were treated to the sight of Selena Gomez' new and ever so slightly risque wardrobe in New York last night

The petite brunette was playing songs from her album When the Sun Goes Down with her her band The Scene.

And there was something ever so post-watershed about the 19-year-old's modern-spin on the belly dancer's outfit

Sexy: Tonight's shimmering outfit was a winner and sure to please boyfriend Bieber

She is of course, 19, and a crop-top is nothing new on a teenage pop sensation, remember Britney at 16?

But Selena's homely sweet image still renders the new look a bit shocking.

The star, who is dating the equally wholesome Justin Bieber, 17 , looked lovely in the silver hooded crop-top, sparkling purple harem pants and sneakers.

New look: It's Selena but not as we know her, in crop top and harem pants

But it was nonetheless an odd outfit, half teenager in the street and fifty percent dancer in a club.

She continued her departure from suburban to sultry tonight in Clarkston, Michigan, where she donned a gold basque with a barely there pelmet skirt, complete with a dramatic train.

Rock star: Selena is pushing a new style in stark contrast to her previous conservatism

Both outfits are edgier choices from Gomez, who has set out her stall as a rockier, raunchier version of her former self.

The theme continued with skimpy dresses, most laden with glitter, that again marked a radical departure from the conservative outfits that she's donned on other tours.

The Scene: Selena and her band pull out all the stops to showcase new album

The Disney star obviously feels as though it's time to grow up, and told Glamour magazine recently that she feels pressure to conform

When asked by the magazine if it is hard being young and a Hollywood star, the actress responded: 'Yeah, you have this pressure [to fit in] and you want people to like you. I try my best to be a good person and be the best I can be.'

Racy lacy: Selena gave her hint of her new direction at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night, where she and her boyfriend both won awards

source: dailymail
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