Rebecca Black Yanked and Performs At 'America's Got Talent'

Rebecca Black, catapulated into the public eye by her recent song “Friday”,which became a hit,but unfortunately not everyone was a fan of Rebecca’s “Friday”. The little 14 year girl has been bullied in school so much since her last song “Friday” came out. According to reports, Black was harassed by other students,the students would target her at any cost they got. Due to continuous bullying, her mother finally decided to homeschool the girl so she can concentrate on her studies and career.

ABC News interviewed Rebecca Black, who told the whole story to them. She told that “Oh hey, Rebecca, guess what day it is?” became a common joke for the students. Different hate grous were created against Black on Facebook only to tease her.

She claimed that she also received hate email,nd she was also getting continuous death threats from different kids and adults alike. Rebecca Black told to ABC that ” When I walk by they’ll start singing ‘Friday’ in a really nasally voice”. Even it got very hard for Rebecca’s mom,Georgina Marquez.

Meanwhile, last night on America's Got Talent, she showed all those nerds and losers who make fun of people with acne when they have bacne themselves who's in charge.
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