You'll send them ape! Tom Felton enjoys coffee and cigarette break with Jade Olivia sat next to a no smoking sign


Coffee and catch up: Tom Felton was seen enjoying a break with his girlfriend Jade Olivia before he sparked up a cigarette

He has been working hard promoting his new film Planet of the Apes, so it seems Tom Felton relished the opportunity to grab a quick coffee and cigarette with his girlfriend.

But in his haste to relax the actor unwittingly sparked up right next to a no smoking sign.
Tom,23, took time out from filming a segment on a US TV show to spend time with his beautiful girlfriend Jade Olivia.

Coffee and fag break: The actor also enjoyed a cigarette while outside and looked around before lighting it

The pair were seen chatting together and drinking coffee in the sunshine before the actor lit a cigarette.

He then leant back against a wall, which clearly displayed a sign prohibiting the habit, before handing the cigarette over to his girlfriend.

The British Harry Potter star was sporting a healthy tan, in contrast to his pale skin of previous years which he had to keep for his character of Draco Malfoy.

Rule breaker: The actor brazenly leant against a wall which clearly displayed a no smoking sign as he enjoyed his cigarette

Earlier today Felton’s Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes co-stars James Franco, Andy Serkis, and Freida Pinto appeared on The View chat show to talk about the new film.

Franco, who split from his girlfriend-of-five years Ahna O’Reilly last month explained how he had to work intimately with a fake chimp for his role as a scientist.

Care to share: Tom gave his cigarette to his girlfriend who also decided to break the no smoking rule

Making the most of the time off: Tom, who showed off a healthy tan made the most of the time off from promoting his new film

King Kong actor Andy Serkis, 47, described how he enjoys playing animals and mythical creatures with high-tech 'performance capture' equipment.

He told The View hosts: ‘Put simply I wear a suit with lots of cameras and dots on it," he said. "So the acting is translated into the digital character that you see.’

More promotion: As Rise Of Planet of The Apes opens in the U.S. Andy Serkis, James France and Freida Pinto appeared on The View earlier today

Pinto, 26 admitted that after Slumdog Millionaire she was ‘living in fear’ that she would never get another film role and that if her acting career didn't work out she was set to become a wedding planner.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is released in the US today and in the UK on August 12.

Back up plan: Freida admitted she was living in fear after the success of Slumdog and said that if acting didn't work out she would become a wedding planner

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Trailer

source: dailymail
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