Trial of the Murdered Gay Teen takes its toll on the Families

The Lawrence King murder trial is taking its toll on everyone. Last week, the trial hit a breaking point with the families:
Former English teacher Dawn Boldrin on Thursday broke down in tears as she described how she had given a strapless formal gown to King, 15, who identified himself as gay and had been showing up at his Oxnard school in women's spike-heeled boots and makeup.

As Boldrin testified, the defense displayed a large photograph of King, taken by Boldrin, holding up the lime-green chiffon gown and smiling broadly. McInerney's mother, Kendra McInerney, and Boldrin's 13-year-old daughter, sitting in the courtroom, also began sobbing.

An infuriated Greg King, father of Larry King, stomped out of the courtroom. He returned a short while later and rounded up the entire King family to leave the courthouse for the day. As the group walked past Boldrin's daughter and another relative, Larry's mother, Dawn King, whispered an expletive to them.

On Friday morning, Ventura County Superior Court Judge Charles Campbell ruled that was egregious enough to get Dawn King ejected from the courtroom for the rest of the trial. Outside the courtroom, Greg King explained that he became angry because he considered the women's response "crocodile tears."

"My son is dead and they're crying?" King said. "That's the woman who gave him a dress after complaining that he shouldn't be coming to school in makeup and boots!"
My heart goes out to the families.

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