Swagger to the top: Cher Lloyd set to knock JLS from number one spot with debut single

By J J Anisiobi

Maximum swagger: Cher Lloyd arrives at the signing of her new single, Swagger Jagger, at Westfield in London this week

X Factor finalist Cher Lloyd is favourite to take the number one spot in tomorrow's chart with her debut single, Swagger Jagger.

The 18-year-old singer and rapper is odds on to knock former X Factor compatriots JLS off the top spot after midweek results revealed she was top of the iTunes chart.

Even if her first release - which samples the melody from Folk Country song Oh My Darling, Clementine - makes it to number one, Cher says she has no intention of celebrating with a wild night on the town.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper, Cher said: 'I'll probably celebrate by having a night in with a Chinese and a glass of bubbly.'

Cher, who turned 18 last week, added that she may also buy herself a pair of Christian Louboutin's as worn by Victoria Beckham.

Despite the predicted success of her first single and plans to move to London later this year, Cher is keeping grounded with the help of her family.

She told the Sun: 'I'm still rough and ready. I've got a new job but that doesn't make me any different. I still have my mum, dad, brother and sisters.'

Turn my swag on: Cher admitted that she sometimes cries when dealing with negative comments

Although the Malvern teenager has worked with and met some of the biggest names in music including Kanye West, Wil.i.am and Jay-Z, it is thanks to her dad, Darren, that she is able to stay normal.

Her parents, who still live in the same council house with a leaky conservatory, poke fun at her stage outfits with her dad often telling her she 'looked awful.'

It is Darren that she bought a brand new Range Rover for as a thank you for his support and to replace the 'rubbish' that he used to drive.

Go shorty, it's your birthday: Cher is greeted by a fan with a birthday balloon last month outside Sony's London headquarters

Swagger Jagger has received mixed reviews but Cher thinks the negative opinions are more to do with people not liking her rather than the song.

No stranger to heckling, she was often picked on in school because of her Romany-gypsy roots and the singer was called names such as 'pikey' and 'gyppo'.

However tough she may appear, the heavily tattooed star admits that sometimes when things get too much for her she will hideaway and cry.

She added to the newspaper: 'I tuck myself away and I have a cry and let it out.'

Love is in the air: Cher steps out with her new boyfriend, Craig Monk, at a Yorkshire service station last week

If she needs a shoulder to cry on though, Simon Cowell is one of the music world heavyweights who she can turn to for advice.

She said of the X Factor supremo: 'I'm comfortable around him and we just chat like normal people. We text each other now and again. He asks me how I am and that's really nice.'

Things are looking good for the pint sized singer as she also admitted that she is in love with new boyfriend Craig Monk.

Craig, a trainee-hairdresser, met Cher when attaching her hair extensions in London's Mayfair.

Cher told the newspaper: 'It is serious. I'm in love. I've never spoken about Craig before but I think he's the bee's knees.'

Cher Lloyd - Swagger Jaggerclick here

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