'Women singing Irreplaceable in burkas was amazing... but their men were upset': Beyonce's memories of her Egyptian concert


Ready for a new decade: Beyonce poses for Harper's Bazaar UK magazine as she prepares to turn 30 next month

With just a month before her big 3-0, Beyonce has been reflecting on an amazing decade.

And as she poses in a stunning new photoshoot for Harper's Bazaar UK magazine, she admits performing in Egypt just two months before the country's uprising started was a memorable experience.

The pop star admitted she found it incredibly moving to see Egyptian women wearing burkas singing along to her female empowerment song Irreplaceable - while many of their male partners standing nearby were obviously unamused.

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The full interview is in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar UK, which goes on sale Saturday, August 6

Despite protests from ultra-conservative Islamic groups ahead of the gig who did not approve of her risqué outfits and booty-shaking dance moves, the American singer's concert at Port Ghalib on the Red Sea was a roaring success.

She tells the September issue of the magazine: 'There were a lot of women in the audience in burkas. They were singing along to Irreplaceable – it was amazing!

Candid camera: Beyonce turns the camera on herself as she poses in a stunning period bedroom in a little black dress

Now looking forward to her 30s, Beyonce said: 'This is such a pivotal moment in my life! I’m transitioning as a woman, and I’m finally able to express myself as I am.'

The full interview is in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK, which goes on sale Saturday, 6th August.

source: dailymail
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