Rev. A.W. Montgomery Sr. from the Agape Missionary Baptist Church is an Asshole

This asshole preacher caused over 100 people to leave the funeral Lashai Mclean, a transgender woman who was shot and killed in D.C. because of his hateful sermon.

Washington Blade reports:
Basically, he said that God let her get killed so that people could get saved,” said D.C. gay activist and comedian Sampson McCormack, who attended the service. “And that came after somebody, I think it was a deacon, said when you live a certain lifestyle this is the consequence you have to pay.” 

McCormack and D.C. resident Arriel Horton said they knew Mclean and were among more than 300 people attending her funeral service at Purity Baptist Church near Capitol Hill.

D.C. police said Mclean, 23, was shot near the corner of 61st and Dix Streets, N.E., in a case where investigators have yet to determine a motive and to identify a suspect. Transgender activists say they are concerned that Mclean may have been targeted due to her status as a transgender woman, even though police say they have no immediate evidence to classify the incident as a hate crime.

McCormack and Horton told the Blade that a sermon delivered by Rev. A.W. Montgomery Sr., pastor of Agape Missionary Baptist Church in Suitland, Md., who presided over the funeral service, offended many of those in attendance, including many of Mclean’s transgender friends.

The two also said friends of Mclean became angry when clergy and others speaking at the service referred to Mclean as “he.” McCormack said many in the audience responded by shouting the word “she.”
What? Then when the Blade got a hold of Montgomery, this is what he said:

“My perception of some things is strictly from the perception of the Bible. Sin is sin is sin. I don’t care who you are. There’s no perfect person on this planet. Whether you’re the pope or the poorest person, all of us sin. So my remarks would never be disparaging at all. I preached the Gospel. I don’t think I was harsh.”
It was harsh, hateful and ridiculous. Fam, I urge y'all to contact Rev. A.W. Montgomery and Agape Missionary Baptist Church. That church and A.W. need to know that the sermon was unacceptable.

Phone: (301) 420-4768

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