Now THAT'S a real string bikini! Rihanna gives fans a thrill on the beach with skimpy Rated R strapless two-piece


Lapping it up: Rihanna laughs as the tide laps against her ankles after her exciting jetski adventure

No doubt everyone thought Rihanna was stringing them along when she said she was going to wear her most daring bikini yet.

However the singer really was Rated R as she bared her impressive body on a Barbados beach today.

What a ride: Rihanna laughs as she is pulled along the ocean waves on board a dingy

Doubtlessly the gentlemen with her felt like sending out an SOS when the fashion-forward vocalist stepped onto the sand and stripped down in front of them to reveal the strapless stringy white two-piece.

The star took advantage of being back home on the paradise island to enjoy some watersports along with her best friends.

Experienced rider: Old hand Rihanna made riding the choppy waters look easy as she steered her machine

Firstly she was dragged along as a dingy that was pulled through the ocean waves by a speedboat.

The multi-platinum selling singer giggled with glee as she sped through the choppy waters.

But there was more fun in store as the 23-year-old showed amazing form when she jumped onto a jetski.

Getting off: A breathless Rihanna gets ready to dismount after her latest thrill ride of the day

The experienced rider used all of her skill as she bounced around on top of the bucking machine.

She made it look easy, and deserved to Take a Bow after as she zipped around the busy shore at high speed.

Having a blast: The singer is enjoying her visit back home with family and friends

Beach fashionista: The singer covered up in a mesh sweater, and carried a trendy tasselled bag

source :dailymail
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