Not at home moping then? Cheryl Cole moves on from Ashley revelations partying with in Cannes

By Daily Mail Reporter

'Me and the Tweety Nird': Rapper and Cheryl Cole party in Cannes, France

She's been in hiding since three different women kiss-and-told on her ex-husband Ashley Cole while they were in the process of reuniting.

But it appears Cheryl Cole isn't exactly moping around at home after she was photographed partying in Cannes.

The former X Factor judge has joined her manager, rapper on the French Riviera, who uploaded a picture of them together on his Twitter page.

The Black Eyed Peas star wrote: 'Its me and the "Tweety Nird" in Cannes, France... Me and Cheryl Cole in the south of France having fun.'

The following morning, he corrected himself: 'My last tweet I had a typo. I put "tweedy nird" but meant "tweedy bird". B and N are close...ooops.'

Wearing a strapless white dress, the singer looked tanned and happy as she held a glass while cosying up to her 36-year-old manager.

Earlier on Thursday evening, he declared he and his bandmate were staying on a 'mother-f**king boat' on the French Riviera.

But there won't be any chance of Ashley publicly rivaling his ex's manager with pictures of his own.

He said yesterday he had no intention of joining Twitter.

When asked on BBC's Football Focus whether he would, he said: 'Never. It’s certain people’s preferences but I prefer to keep myself to myself.'

Cheryl joined Twitter about a month ago and despite having more than 140,000 followers, she is yet to tweet anything.

Ashley also hit back at newspaper headlines, including about an incident earlier this year in which he accidentally shot and wounded a 21-year-old student at Chelsea’s training ground.

'Judge me on how I play football or judge me on when you meet me. Come and speak to me,' he said.

'If I’m a so-and-so, then fair enough, say it – but a lot of people judge others too quickly without actually knowing the full facts or the actual real person.

'If someone had actually seen the incident – you wouldn’t laugh because it was a stupid thing to do – but the whole situation was crazy. Of course it was an accident. But if I wanted to address every single thing in the papers I’d lose my mind. It makes me crazy now when I hear things. I’m just here to play football. That’s all I want to do.

Abrupt end: Cheryl invited Ashley to her birthday party on July 1, but two weeks later their reconciliation was over

'The guy was cool and things like that were dealt with. I don’t need to come out and try prove myself or say sorry to everyone else because I said sorry to the boy and that’s the main thing.

'I have made mistakes and just have to live with it, but at the end of the day I just want to play football.'

Cheryl and's candid shot is the first time she has been seen since she was spotted holidaying in Los Angeles with her brother Garry Tweedy and Girls Aloud bandmate a month ago.

Her trip to California followed a very public reunion with her ex-husband at her 28th birthday party in London on July 1.

Onlookers at the bash at the Sanderson Hotel said it was very evident Cheryl and Ashley were back together, despite their divorce last September.

However, while Cheryl was in LA, three different women came forward claiming they had slept with the Chelsea footballer around the time he was apparently winning his ex-wife back.

Air hostess Kerry Meades and lingerie model Jessyca Rayanne both allege they spent the night with him in LA just days before he flew to London for Cheryl's birthday party.

Former Miss Ireland Collette McBarron recently told the Mail how she lay all night talking to Ashley about his broken marriage one night in May - although she insists they didn't have sex, just kissed.

Following the revelations two weeks ago, Cheryl was reported to have texted Ashley saying their reconciliation was over.

Cheryl is now taking a break, but is preparing to start work on her third album soon, with collaborating with her again.

The Girls Aloud star has apparently been given a track written by originally intended for her X Factor protegee Cher Lloyd - who has a record deal with Simon Cowell's SyCo.

However, after Cheryl was unceremoniously fired from X Factor USA, a furious withdrew the track and offered it to his own client.

A source told M Is For Music: 'Cheryl loved the song from the start and didn’t think twice about recording a version after she was sure it would not be appearing on Cher’s album.

'There is no love lost between the two so she couldn’t care less what anyone has to say about her being offered the song.

'It’s a great track, so much so that it is being considered as the lead single from Cheryl’s third album.'

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