The New 'Ultimate Spider-Man' freaks out some Comic Fans

As times changes, little things remind you that most people don't move with the times. Take the news about the biracial Spider-Man. Since the announcement, some folks have let their foolishness show. Brian Michael Bendis, writer at Marvel Comics was thrilled about the change, but others... Well, basically not so thrilled.
Over on the website Bleeding Cool, they decided to publish some of the more “enlightening” comments from the USA Today story in one of their Tuesday posts. The comments ranged from bashing the need to always be politically correct, to complaints over the comic books direction and the rage over the killing of the white Peter Parker so that Morales could replace him.

With several comic-based movies taking liberty when it comes to the race of their supportive characters (i.e. Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson, Perry White being played by Laurence Fishburne), it is apparent that supporting roles are the only roles not susceptible to such a huge backlash. However, making the “minority” a main character is still seen as unacceptable.

As one commenter responded:
“Peter Parker could not be whiter. A black boy under the mask just don’t look right. This opens up a whole new story line with a whole new set of problems. Who is going to believe a black man in a mask is out for the good of man kind?”
Wow, I guess this person still see White is Good, Red/Black/Yellow are BAD! I never thought comic fans were this backwards. I've always believe geeks were better than most people. I guess not.

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