Kids' day out: Michael Jackson's children enjoy a day out at the theme park


Sticking together: (from left) Paris, Blanket, Prince and Prince's girlfriend Niki on a fun day out together at Six Flags Magic Mountain

The Jackson children enjoyed a day of roller coasters and games on a day trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California.

The three children Prince, Paris and Blanket were seen having a blast on the rides and walking around the park together.

Whoosh! The kids hold on tight as they start to drop

They spent the day with their cousins Jaafar, Jermagesty and a few friends.

Prince even brought along his girlfriend Niki Berger. They looked a happy pair, holding hands and walking between the rides together.

The group were dressed in shorts and t-shirts for a day outside in heat of a California summer.

Hold on tight: The thrill seekers get ready for a 20-storey free fall

Six Flags Magic Mountain is home to the most roller coasters on the planet, so there were plenty of rides for the youngsters to choose from.

The thrill seekers were spotted grinning on the Déjà Vu ride, where passengers plummet a 20-storey free fall at 65 miles per hour and dangle face down as they climb a 90-degree tower.

Since their father the King of Pop died of 25 June 2009 aged 50, their family has been working to make their lives as normal as possible.

Rollercoaster of love: Prince and his girlfriend Niki Berger look happy together as they walk around the theme park

source: dailymail
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