Ignorant Fool Alert: Larry Doherty of Larry's Comics uses Racist Jokes to Draw Attention

You knew the changes in Spider-Man's background would make someone act a fool. Well, Mr. Larry Doherty from Larry's Comics has gladly volunteered for the part.

See his tweets, which are now gone (thanks to Bleeding Cool for capturing this)

Yes, he or whoever tweeted this mess. Bleeding Cool and others confronted Larry about this foolishness, but he had this to say: 
google African American Jokes. Do it now. WHY is it good natured and funny When somebody BEDIDES Larry Doherty says it?
not drinking Rich. ( which is rare ) Genuinely thought it was funny. And appropriate. Guess I AM a dick. #comicmarket 
 Seriously? Then today, he responded:
“Sorry, that I offended the entire Internet with my bad jokes. I STILL think making New Spidey black is G…er Lame”
What is his deal? If he needs attention, then somebody dump a bucket of slop on him. I'm sure that would work. Still, he needs to know that it's not okay to act like this. So if you want, you can email him at LarrysComics.net or tweet him and tell him to get a clue. @LarrysComics and use the hashtag #comicmarket
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