Former Student sues over 'Wigger Day'

Okay this story is completely bonkers! Bonkers! This school, Red Wing High School has a day called "Wednesday Wigger Day". On this day, students dress in baggy clothes and do-rags, acting like gang members.

For several years, this event happened and some students were deeply affected by it. One of those students was Quera Pruitt, who is now suing the school:
The lawsuit maintains that the activity was an exercise in bigotry and bullying that sent Quera Pruitt, one of a small number of black students at the school, into a "deep depression" that almost prompted her to drop out.

"It's offensive to black folks and, frankly, it's offensive to anyone," said Joshua Williams, Pruitt's lawyer. Wigger is a pejorative word used to tease a white person who emulates the mannerisms, language and fashions associated with black culture.

The school district denies the allegations.
 But the lawsuit claims this mess has been going on for years and the administration did nothing to stop it:
Students dressed up for "Wednesday Wigger day" in 2007, 2008 and 2009, Pruitt contends. When Pruitt complained in 2009, then-Superintendent Stan Slessor told a television reporter that the district was disappointed in the students' actions and would "address issues of human relations."

The lawsuit was filed in federal court, Williams said, because the school violated Title VI, which protects students from discrimination based on race at a federally funded school. Pruitt is suing for more than $75,000.
So for 3 or 4 years, folks thought this event was okay? Wow. I guess we will see how this lawsuit will play out.

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