Could I be a TV Writer? The Screenwriting Classes part 2

Last night, we pitched our movies to a couple agents for feedback. I was nervous, but I did it and... I was told that my movie could be a TV series. The agents thought it would be great as a series because of the concept, characters and the story.

Some of the others in class wasn't so lucky. They either didn't understand their stories or they got lost in their pitches. It was sad to hear, because I know they worked so hard on their projects. But that's how the business is; it's tough and truly real.

However, I got to thinking about my script becoming a series. I could expand more on the mythos of Shadow Boy and fully develop the relationship between the 2 main guys.

I have to say I was stoked to think about this. A gay diverse cast, supernatural elements and romance... Yeah, I think I can do it and do it well.
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