Celebrity Slim Brother: Kerry Katona determined to lose weight ahead of reality TV show

By Daily Mail Reporter

Svelte: Kerry showed off a very slim figure at the National TV Awards in January but has piled on the pounds in recent months

She underwent a major health kick last year and through her hard work and determination she dropped down to a size eight.

But Kerry Katona has piled the pounds back on since she split from her management company as she comfort ate her way through junk food meals.

But as Celebrity Big Brother looms, Kerry, who is believed to be one of the contestants, is on a major health kick before the show starts to lose some weight in an attempt to look good on camera.

Kerry, 30, has told her friends that she is 'desperate' to be a size eight again, a size she manage to stick to while training for Dancing On Ice, and has kicked the booze and takeaways in order to slim down.

Speaking to Closer magazine, one said Kerry was worried about looking fat next to former TOWIE star Amy Childs, 21, who is also believed to be entering the Big Brother house when the series returns soon on Channel 5.

They said: 'Kerry is worried about looking old and frumpy next to Amy. She's put herself on a strict diet of salads and low-fat soups to get to a size 8.

Curvier: Kerry's weight gain over the past few months was clear to see as she attended another award ceremony last month

'She's even cut back on fags so she can do more exercise - she's doing her workout DVD and running three miles nearly every day.

'She's also having facials and planning a weight-loss wrap to lose inches quickly.'

Kerry turned to junk food when she split from CAN Associates in June and friends believe that starting over again and her financial worries drove her to comfort eat.

Big night: Kerry was spotted looking worse for wear on a night out in June but has now given up the booze in order to slim down

Kerry is believed to have spent lots of time at her mother's house in Warrington gorging on booze and curries.

But she is believed to have told friends at the weekend: 'This is my last night of fun. I've got to behave myself before the show.'

Another friend told the magazine: 'Kerry's other worry is that she knows there'll be booze on CBB and she's scared she'll reveal too much about her chaotic life if she has a drink. She can't keep her mouth shut after even one drink. And she gets a bit frisky too!'

Twisting the day away: Kerry has been attending Zumba classes as part of her diet and exercise plan

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