16,000 police to retake London: PM recalls Parliament as the police lose control of Britain's streets


Hackney: Anarchy broke out last night as hooded youths set fire to cars, bins and buildings as police battled to bring them under control

With an 'unprecedented' 16,000 police officers due on the streets of London tonight, answers were today being demanded over the failure of police to bring last night's riots under control.

Just hours after David Cameron warned rioters they would face the 'full force of the law' there were rumours on Twitter that violence was already starting up again.

Pockets of trouble were reportedly breaking out in Bromley, Surrey Quays and Ealing as parts of the capital went into lockdown in anticipation of further violence.

'You will feel the full force of the law': David Cameron issued a stark warning to rioters and looters as he spoke outside Number 10 today

The army of police officers on-duty in London will swell to 16,000 tonight - compared with just 6,000 last night - as reinforcements are drafted in from 26 forces across the country.

Today huge swathes of the capital woke up to the charred debris of burned out buildings and streets littered with waste. David Cameron has recalled Parliament for the day on Thursday as he pledged to bring the situation under control.

Aftermath: Burnt out buildings in Croydon are doused down today after the worst night of rioting so far

Theresa May caused fury today by appearing to rule out using the Army and water cannons to quell any future disorder. Police were last night criticised for being absent when much of the looting and ransacking took place and, when they were present, keeping their distance from rioters.

Plastic bullets could be used if there are further disturbances tonight - for the first time ever during riots, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stephen Kavanagh said.

Every police cell in the capital was full today, forcing officers to transport suspects outside the city.

Today the riots claimed their first life as a 26-year-old man who was shot as he sat in a car during rioting in Croydon died in hospital.

After cutting short his Tuscany holiday to deal with the worsening public disorder crisis, Mr Cameron said today: 'We will do everything necessary to restore order to Britain's streets and to make them safe for the law-abiding.

'Let me, first of all, completely condemn the scenes that we have seen on our television screens and people have witnessed in their communities.

'These are sickening scenes - scenes of people looting, vandalising, thieving, robbing, scenes of people attacking police officers and even attacking fire crews as they're trying to put out fires. This is criminality, pure and simple, and it has to be confronted and defeated.

After the storm: Fire crews douse out burnt out buildings on London Road in Croydon this morning following the worst night of rioting

The burnt out shell of Reeves Furniture store in Croydon this morning which was completely destroyed in the huge blaze

Crumpled heap: This Sony distribution centre in Waltham Abbey, north of London was destroyed by violence overnight, and there were reports of looting at the scene before the blaze

Arson attack: Smoke rises from the Sony distribution centre in Enfield as frefighters try to bring the blaze under control. The fire strated last night after it was looted

Scene of devastation: A firefighter sprays water onto Reeves furniture store torched by rioters in Croydon, south London

A smouldering burnt out car is seen in Hackney, east London, following unrest overnight

Carnage: The high street close to Clapham Junction is covered in debris today after hundreds of people went on the rampage last night. The Debenhams store, right, was ransacked and looted

Devastation: Flames shoot more than 100feet into the air in Croydon as a building is torched. The suburb has suffered some of the most serious violence in the capital

Woolwich: A Wetherspoons pub is completely gutted by fire last night as the violence continued

Liverpool: Two vehicles are set alight on Lawrence Road in Toxteth, Liverpool as crowds of youths gather

Camden: The violence spread to Camden and Chalk Farm in north London. Police are seen walking the streets near Camden Lock

Birmingham: Looters raid the Orange Store in New Street this evening in copy-cat riots which have erupted in the city

Hackney: Police officers in riot gear block a road near a burning car on a street in Hackney as youths hurl missiles at officers yesterday

UK RIOTS LONDON : 8 august 2011 Elephant and castle walworth road

source: dailymail
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