Would California Voters Overturn Prop 8 in 2012? Nate Silver says 'Yes'

Whiz Kid Nate Silver presented his mega-chart of the Gay Marriage measure in the country. In his analysis, Nate believes if the Gay Marriage Ban was put back on the ballot, Cali's peeps would overturn it.
Nevertheless, even the relatively cautious Linear Model predicts that 54 percent of Californians would vote against a measure like Proposition 8 if one were on the ballot next year, while 55 percent of Oregonians would vote against a ban on same-sex marriage like the one the state’s voters approved in 2004. Neither prediction seems too far out of line: Oregon’s marriage ban was rejected by 43 percent of voters seven years ago, and California’s by 48 percent two years ago, and public opinion has shifted meaningfully in favor of same-sex marriage since then.
Interesting, there has been a lot talk about this. I wonder if this will steer the LGBT community back to the ballot in 2012. I'm so not sure, but this will make great conversation here in Cali-Cal.

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