'I'm not going to stop until I have a Bentley like Simon Cowell's!' Cher Lloyd reveals plans to become a 'big businesswoman'

By Sarah Bull

Big plans: Cher Lloyd says she wants to be as big as Simon Cowell

Cher Lloyd has revealed she isn't going to stop in the music industry until she is rich enough to buy a Bentley like the one Simon Cowell owns.

The 18-year-old singer, whose debut single Swagger Jagger is released tomorrow, said she isn't going to let any criticism hold her back in her mission to make it as the next big thing in music.

She said: 'I just ignore anyone that doesn’t like my music. I’m not stopping until I have a Bentley like Simon has got.'

Nice ride: The 18-year-old admitted she's not going to stop until she has a Bentley the same as the one owned by Simon Cowell

Cher also revealed Simon has always encouraged her to stick to her own unique style when it comes to her attitude and her music.

She added to the Sunday Mirror: 'He told me not to change and not let people tell me what to do. He said listen to people that know best but always do what your gut says is right. He’s a good man.

‘I’d love to be like Simon. I really look up to him and everything he has achieved. I want to be a big businesswoman.

'One day I’d like my own record label to give other artists the chance to get their music out there.’

In the meantime, Cher is hoping Swagger Jagger and her debut album, out in November, prove successful.

And the former X Factor star said despite negative criticism surrounding the catchy track, she maintains it is a good song.

She said: 'Swagger Jagger stood out from the beginning as the first single. But there are other tracks on the album with different sounds. I’d love my album to do well.

'And I’d love to do a tour as well at some point so I can perform the songs live. I’m going to be doing lots of gigs this year no ­matter what.'

Since appearing on The X Factor, Cher has made a name for herself as one of the most famous former contestants, but says she doesn't think of herself as a celebrity.

Colourful: Cher performed her debut single Swagger Jagger at T4 On The Beach earlier this month

She said: 'I don’t really see myself as being famous. I’m just well-known. I’m coping well with it all, I think. My whole life has changed, but I’m ­learning something new every day.

'I’m no big drama - I just get on with it and don’t care. I don’t expect too much and in return don’t expect too much from me.'

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