Wam Bam, thank you ma'am! Alex Reid celebrates his 36th birthday with girlfriend Chantelle at sexy burlesque club

By Holly Thomas

Happy couple: Alex steps out with girlfriend Chantelle, who he's described as a 'real lady'

It was a match made in D-list heaven.

And if his birthday celebrations are anything to go by, it seems cage fighter Alex Reid's relationship with Big Brother star Chantelle Houghton remains as strong (and steamy) as ever.

It looked like the honeymoon stage still wasn't over as the smitten reality duo attended the Wam Bam Club burlesque show at Cafe de Paris in Piccadilly Circus on Saturday night.

The outing was part of a romantic weekend for the couple organised by Chantelle, who according to Alex's Twitter booked the couple in to 'a swanky hotel in the westend' [sic] for the celebrations.

Alex clearly enjoyed himself, keeping fans updated as he tweeted later in the evening:

'Wicked evening @WamBamClub Cafe de Paris,celebrating my birthday with @chantellehought thanks 4all my pressies. '

He's mine: Chantelle keeps a protective hand on Alex's chest as she chats to a fellow guest

The couple became cosier as the night wore on, and were spotted closing in for a secret kiss outside in the early hours of the morning.

Chantelle was very protective of her new man, sticking nearby all evening even as she chatted to other guests.

The Wam Bam Club offers burlesque, cabaret and magic shows, which can be enjoyed over a three course meal with an after party to follow.

Alex is currently adhering to a strict training regimen of no carbs (including alcohol), which we can presume he relaxed for the evening.

There was no question that his companion was enjoying a tipple or two, as Chantelle looked increasingly merry as the evening wore on.

Getting close: The enamoured pair share a private moment inside the door of Cafe de Pari in the early hours

It's likely that Chantelle will have encouraged her beau to follow suit, since she's revealed that she's not overly keen on Alex's career choice.

Talking to OK! magazine earlier this week, Chantelle admitted:

'He's fighting soon and I think I'll get upset. I want to support him, but it won't be easy to watch.'

The couple seemed unable to take their hands off each other during their OK! photo shoot. When asked if they talk a lot, Alex replied: 'That's a little bit soon eh?'

He elaborated: 'It's not just physical. Well, it is. She's hot! What man wouldn't? I can't keep my hands off her! What the nation finds attractive, I find attractive.'

By way of reassurance that his attraction wasn't just skin deep, he added:

'It's her inner beauty which is incredible.'

Alex credits Chantelle with helping to get over his split with glamour model Katie Price (who he is still technically married to). He said:

'You meet someone sexy and nice, and the pain fades.'

Despite only meeting in April, both seemed confident that marriage could be on the cards. When put to them directly, Chantelle giggled as she looked for reassurance from Alex, who grinned 'Of course!'.

The affectionate pair certainly have all the hallmarks of a long-term couple. Alex even has a nickname for Chantelle: 'Chantelle Lace', inspired by the Jerry Lee Lewis song Chantilly Lace.

The pain fades: Alex with former love Katie Price, who he is still technically married to

Heartache: Despite having had a fling with Crimewatch presenter Rav Wilding after her split with her former husband, Chantelle admits that Preston remains the 'big love' in her past

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