That outfit's a write off! Katie Price sports garish gold catsuit with excerpts from her book Comeback Girl written on it at launch

By Holly Thomas

Blonde ambition: Despite saying recently that she preferred her hair dark, Katie seemed prepared to make as much of her gigantic golden locks as possible

No-one ever expected Katie Price to shy away from the limelight at what she hoped would be a 'record breaking' book signing.

And given her trend for traffic-stopping attire on these occasions, fans were doubtless eager to see what the glamour model would turn up in for her latest effort, Comeback Girl.

It's safe to say that Katie didn't disappoint. Wearing a golden superhero-style catsuit inscribed with lines from her new book, and a belt made out of miniature versions of the cover, subtlety was not the order of the day.

The sparkly bra, heavy make-up and trademark gigantic hair added to the show and perhaps even heart stopping look.

Katie pulled out all the stops to ensure she bagged the 1,952 signatures she needed to break the current record for book signings in one sitting currently held by former world chess champion, Anatoli Karpov, who signed 1951 copies of his book within 8 hours in 2006.

Writing on her official site, Katie promised: 'Everyone who attends the event will be able to have their name included in the acknowledgements for my next novel when it comes out in October. And they will also receive an exclusive woven wristband to mark their participation on the day.'

Tacky: Katie's catsuit was covered in phrases from the book, while her belt was made from mini versions of the cover

Possibly Katie feared even these temptations wouldn't prove sufficient, adding a strange further incentive: 'Plus, one lucky person will be randomly picked to appear in the book as a character. Just think how jealous your friends would be!'

To add to the anticipation, Katie tweeted shortly before the signing: 'Woo hoo so excited about my signing! Leaving soon just trying to squeeze in my cat suit ha ha xx'

Sadly, it was not meant to be as Liz Smith, Records Manager at Guinness World Records, said: 'Unfortunately on this occasion Katie did not successfully achieve a new record, but we hope to welcome her for another record attempt in the future..'

Loyal: Despite Katie's fall from public favour in recent years she still has a devoted fan base

Patient: Fans queued up outside the O2 Academy in Leeds to get personalised signatures from their idol

And Katie added: 'Wow! That was amazing!! What a shame we didn't quite break the record but we were close. Thanks so much to everyone who came along to support me.

It's been a really brilliant day and I loved every minute.

'My fans really are the best and it was great so many of them came out to try and help me do this. Woohoo! The Comeback Girl is already at number 1!'

Katie has a history of wearing controversial outfits for her book signings, notably her children's book Mermaids and Pirates, for which she dressed up as an actual mermaid.

Proud: Katie was pleased with the turnout, tweeting her thanks to fans after the signing and excitedly announcing that her book had already 'shot' to number one

Mission (not quite) accomplished: Katie retreated to her Rolls Royce still clutching her book, Comeback Girl

She has recently been criticised for her unkind revelation that she 'never loved' her husband Alex Reid, from whom she is now separated.

However despite appearances (and a long history of post-divorce animosity) it seems things are more settled between Katie and her other ex Peter Andre.

Andre met Katie's current boyfriend Leandro Penna when all three of them turned up to see Katie and Peter's son Junior take part in his school sport's day.

Andre reportedly shook Leanro's hand, later saying that he 'seemed like a very nice man'.

Always grabbing the eye: Katie has a history of wearing outrageous outfits to her book signings and launches

No stone unturned: Kate has even launched a line of equestrian clothing, inspired by her love of riding and the colour pink

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