Superman will have a Sex Life

We learned at Comic Con that Clark will have a sex life or at least a sexual experience.
The panelists showed off images Shane Davis drew for the sequel to Superman: Earth One. Straczynski said that while the readers know where superman fits into Metropolis Earth One, Clark still doesn't know. He related that in the upcoming book, Clark has spent his whole life unable to have sex, and related a scene where after fighting the Parasite Clark gets depowered, takes off his suit and heads home to finally have a sexual liaison with his super-hot neighbor Lisa.

As Straczynski explained, "When he was young, Pa Kent told Clark that he'd probably never be able to engage in sexual relations due to the possibility of losing control over his powers." Clark initially passes out, but starts to get intimate with her after waking up again. Soon afterwards, however, his X-Ray vision suddenly returns, and he becomes frustrated that he slept through his seemingly only window to safely have sex.

The woman will also comment on the fact that when she changed his clothes Clark was going commando, and Superman will apologize for making her have to see that and she will say "No, it's okay." When asked why he thought this was appropriate in an all-ages book with an all-ages character, Straczynski said he felt the graphic novel was for adults, and had the "DC equivalent of an R rating."
I want scene by scene take.

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