Summer Lovin': The Screenwriting Classes part 1

My summer classes are coming to a close. It's been fun but really intense, especially in my "The Plot Thickens" Class.

In this class, we had to take our finished scripts from last year and try to "sell" them to the market. We created a query letter, developed a pitch and on Monday we will actually pitch our movies to real agents.

But the big scare was this past Wednesday. Me and other student had to go through a board meeting. This is when production companies take a script apart to see if it's interesting, watchable and marketable. Everyone in the room talks about characters, plot, story and theme.

The guy before me didn't have it so good. His script was good, but the story just didn't come together. And by the end of the discussion, everyone (except me) passed on the movie. My teacher, who owns a production company, said he would pass on it as well.

Then came my script for Shadow Boy. I was nervous, because for 30 minutes I couldn't say anything. I had to listen to all of their views and opinions. In a nutshell, they liked it. However, the straight guys wouldn't see it (gay characters) but the girl and my teacher would. My teacher said it would be a tough sell to major companies, but it could possibly be the next big thing.

He asked me if its a gay movie or a movie with gay characters. I said it's both, leaning more towards a movie with gay characters. None of them are stereotypical (no Glee gays). In fact, the guys in the class didn't realized they were gay until 20 pages in.

I also got notes from the class for Shadow Boy, here are some examples:

The concept behind SHADOW BOY is its greatest strength. Franchises such as TWILIGHT have capitalized on the intersection of the love story with the supernatural thriller, but Victor takes the genre mash-up in a new direction by featuring an extremely unique protagonist—a comic book-obsessed, gay male living in the South—who must also confront magical forces set against him. By telling the story of a unique protagonist in a more or less common setup, SHADOW BOY combines a number of conflicts—social, political, moral—in new ways.

SHADOW BOY is a compelling story with a great combination of primal and supernatural elements (survival and love with powers and shadows). A re-write to enhance the format, the characters (and their specific arcs) and the last act would reinforce this unique concept.
I felt pretty good about my review. My teacher thought of my movie as a popcorn film that could draw multiple crowds. I think I could pull the Glee/Twilight/TrueBlood crowd. Perhaps a panel at Comic Con? 
Anywho, I was happy that I wasn't a "pass". Maybe I can do this writing after all.
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