So What happened in NYC?

I was in NYC for a short time; mostly to help my friends plan their move to L.A. The trip was short and it felt short, but I had a good time.

Here's the rundown:
  • While I missed NYC, I don't miss the muggy heat.
  • I enjoyed walking around after midnight in city. It's a peaceful experience.
  • I hate that I didn't get to see David Dust or Todd. But I will be back soon with more time to spend.
  • My friends are really making some tough decisions to move here in Los Angeles. It was an intense time this weekend.
  • I did get to hang out with Joe from the 'Break The Twink' blog. He is a very interesting guy. I wish I was that mature and worldly at his age. Cool Guy Mega!
  • I learned a lot about the choices we make in life, I'm fortunate I made some good decisions in last 10 years.
  • Son of Baldwin... Nuff Said.
  • After standing in line for a movie for an hour, I realized that NYC needs an Arclight
  • The subway stations are really portals to Hell. It's so damn down there!
  • NYC is not a made for a cute shoes.
  • I'm spoiled from living in L.A.
In all, it was a great trip.
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