Sex makes you Stress-Free

Sex not only bring pleasure, but also the health of the body. So, how often do love this necessary?

Sex does not recognize boundaries and also the frequency of application. However, having sex regularly is very important to improve one's mental and physical health. Apart from these physical benefits, sex can also create additional benefits for those who do. Here are the benefits of sex according to their needs, as revealed by Healthmeup.

Lowering blood pressure and minimize stress

The process of arousal and orgasm on the agenda allows sex as a concoction of natural painkillers. Research has shown that touch your partner and create intimacy with your partner in bed can release oxytocin, which in turn can lower blood pressure and heart rate helps you escape from stress.

Eliminating the risk of heart

Sex has a great impact in the cardiovascular field. In a study for 20 years, a study involving 900 men as these respondents found that having sex twice or more a week will reduce a person's risk of fatal heart attack more than 50 percent.

Sex can eliminate pain

When the attacks of pain attacks, arousal and orgasm will trigger the production of oxytocin which then can generate endorphins and corticosteroids, in which the hormone is a painkiller that is strong enough.

Stabilize the menstrual cycle

Perform regular agenda of making love becomes an alternative to the menstrual cycle in women. Women who have sex once a week or more, based on research showing better to have regular menstrual cycles and fewer avoid fertility problems than women who do not regularly have sex.

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