SDCC '11: The X-Men Panel

 So I went to the X-Men Panel and learned a few things about the upcoming split of teams and the new titles.

Here's a rundown:

  • The teams will split carrying on the new philosophy about mutants.
  • Cyclops may not be in the X-Men anymore.
  • The rift between Emma and Cyclops grows.
  • Hope/Jean are a big part of 2012.

  • Wolverine's son will continue to like men (Thank Hera)
  • The Scarlet Witch will also play a part in the X-Men universe.
  • Cyclops may die, someone else may carry on his ideas.
  • The re-numbering of Uncanny X-Men will represent the new purpose of the mutants.
  • Havok, Rachel and Lorna also play big parts in Schism.
  • Schism will shake EVERYTHING up for years.
  • Someone will die in X-Factor.
  • We will see more of the AOA universe.
  • The New Mutants will be okay.
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