Russell T. Davies has a new Gay Series Coming

Series creator Russell T. Davies has another series up his sleeve and it's a gay one.

The show, called "Cucumber," is now in development between Davies and BBC Worldwide Productions. The project was not exactly a secret, as it had been rumored for quite a while, mostly under the original working title of "MGM: More Gay Men." 

Unlike his original Showtime hit, however, these lives are not going to be about the young (and sometimes too young) and the handsome. Instead, it's going to focus more on older gay men and some of their jealousy to the types of characters that would've been found in the original "Queer As Folk.
I hope it's good. Gay men shows tend to suck, especially if I'm not on the writing team (yes, that's was a ballsy statement), but I'm sure Russell will do it justice. I hope he can do it justice.

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