My Review: Wonder Woman TV Pilot

So I finally saw the Wonder Woman pilot... Yeah, I saw this pilot. There is a lot I can say about this 'attempt', but I will keep it short and with pictures.
WW as Diana Prince
  •  Wonder Woman is doing a bit much. She's running a business (which is not defined) and acting as a vigilante in Los Angeles. She also quite mean; there's not compassion in her at all.
  • The 3 identities don't make sense in this pilot. She's only Diana to escape her responsibilities; which is weird, because in an earlier scene she realized that her duty is to protect and serve (kinda).
  • We learn the reason why she has a costume is to match the look of her action figure. Really? It makes her likeable to the public. 
  • Her lasso is used more as a whip, like Catwoman.
Her Company
  • The company deals more with her image. In fact in one scene, there was a meeting about her doll and how the doll's breast were too big.
  • The shareholders treated her more as a model than a superhero. I found that very disheartening. 
Her Press Conference
  •  Diana came off more like a Bruce Wayne or a Tony Stark (Iron Man). She was too cocky and not likable. It seemed that her business side dominated her hero side.
  • The Amazon decor looked cheap and purposely placed just to show she's a mythical character. 
Diana's villain Veronica Cale

  • Veronica Cale was more of a 'OC' or a Soap Opera villain than a real threat. She was almost a forgettable side character.
  • There was no real threat about Veronica. She just acted like a Real Housewife ready to throw wine at Wonder Woman.
  • One of the weirdest part of their first meeting was Diana threatening to kill Veronica. That's not Diana's way. In fact, that's not a hero's way to handle business.
  •  We do see the jet, but it's not invisible.
  • Her fighting skills were okay; I was hoping to see more of an Amazon battle tactic.
  • She does the classic leaping over tall objects. (just like the original TV show)
  • She also deflects bullets in a cute way. I thought this was good.

  • The big gut punch was watching her kill people. She crushed two goons with vaults and she threw a pipe at a guard, striking him in the throat (see above)
  • The Steve Trevor scene were worthless. They never really explored why they broke up and his acting was weak.
  • I didn't care for his character and of course, he would have moved on with another woman (engagement ring scene)
  • This scene weaken Diana, making her more like Ally Mc Beal.

I'm so lonely
  • At the end of day, she cries about being lonely. It's like she had no idea her life was hard. She a freaking Amazon for Hera's sake!
Over all, this was okay to bad pilot. Diana acted more like Batwoman or a Catwoman. There were not enough characteristics of the Wonder Woman many of us know. She was cold, mean and not likeable. However on the acting point, Adrianne Palicki did a great job with this script. I just couldn't feel for her. This person acted more like Orana (for the serious fans) or Artemis, not Princess Diana.

Also this story was not a good intro to Wonder Woman. This pilot was a later tale about her or alternative version (Elseworlds) of WW. I wished the writer thought about who Diana is and what makes her a hero. This pilot did not give us a good view of the Amazing Amazon. So yes, this was a FAIL and I understand why this pilot failed to make the NBC line up.

So, hopefully this will inspire other writers to do a better job. WW deserves better.
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