My Rant: Are Fanboys Ruining Everything?

I think I have figured it out! I think I know why Hollywood ain't coming to Comic Con and why certain action movies work and don't work... The Fanboys.

I used to think the Fangirls were dangerous, but no, it's the boys. It's always the boys.

I think about the theatrical HOT ASS MESS, 'Sucker Punch'. That movie was DOA, anyone in the viewing room would have burned that movie to the ground. But at Comic Con, the fanboys got horny and stupid, and hyped that trash to the top. Then once it hit the screen... Burnt!

Think about Transformers, Clash of the Titans, Terminator, Fast and Furious and even Green Lantern... Why are these movies being made? Why are these movies insulting to the human brain? Because Hollywood believes in the toxic Fanboy.

This type of Fanboy is Hollywood's idea of a horny, lonely being, hoping to see alien sex and explosions. And the sad part is, some of them are out there.  They focus more on the hot babe vs the story. They think a Playboy playmate could play Wonder Woman, they worship Michael Bay and they beg for another 'Underworld' or Resident Evil'. These particular fanboys are killing our credibility and ruining everything. Their judgement is horrid and if they continue their madness, Megan Fox will be Xena in the series reboot in 10 years.

These particular fanboys are hurting the movement and I think it's time to hold them accountable. So Gay geeks, it's time to rise up and take control of the Intergalactic geek ship.
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