My Idea for the X-Men: First Class Sequel

There are talks about another possible sequel for X-Men: First Class. And if I could throw in a things, this would be my idea.
  • Fast forward a few years where will see Cyclops, Jean and Lorna (Polaris) into the team.  Alex/Havok and the Hank/Beast are still with Xavier. 
  • Magneto could have his group (The Brotherhood) the Scarlet Witch, Mystique, Avalanche, Mastermind and Quicksilver.
  • The story could focus around Dr. Bolivar Trask who learns about mutants from stealing files from the government and S.H.E.I.L.D.  
  • Trask becomes obsessed with mutants and begins to search for them. He joins up with Dr. Steven Lang and Nathan Milbury (Mr. Sinister) to create a supercomputer to track them down. Nathan goes along with this plan with very different and unknown reasons.
  • They draw the attention of Magneto and his Brotherhood. They don't take to kindly to Trask's intentions. So they threaten him and his crew to leave them alone. This encounter excites Steven Lang and he turns to his secret financial backer, Ned Buckman for advice. Ned is the new leader of the Hellfire Club. 
  • Ned tells Steven that he has another plan "Project Master Mold" and they have to capture an alpha mutant known as, The Mimic, to understand the true power of the mutants.
  • Xavier and Magneto also learn of The Mimic and they try to recruit him.
  • Drama ensues and the two teams battle it out while trying to gain the trust of new mutant. 
  • Then Steven and Bolivar unleash Master Mold with its tracking robots, the Sentinels. 
  • The teams battle the Sentinels. The Mimic helps the teams but dies in battle. 
  • Nathan/Mr. Sinister is also there and notices his past projects alive and well, Cyclops and Havok. He wants to take them back, but he leaves them alone. He doesn't think they're ready yet.
  • Magneto warns Xavier that a war is coming, this attack was just the beginning. Xavier agrees, but refuses to follow Mags' path.
 This is my idea. It's not completely thought out but I would have fun with it.
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