Marcus Bachmann's Secret Ex-Gay Clinic Exposed

The Day of Bachmann continues as new evidence exposes Marcus Bachmann's Christian counseling clinic as EX-GAY clinic! A group pulled a Charlie's Angels plan to get the info:
Truth Wins Out was formed in part to combat the myth that gays can be converted to straight, and it sent a hidden camera into Marcus Bachmann’s office with a man posing as a patient. On the tape, counselor Timothy Wiertzema reportedly assures that “It’s possible to be totally free of [same-sex attraction]. For sure.” He claims, “It’s happened! It really has happened to people.”

The undercover activist – John Becker – attended five sessions at the clinic. The plan of action by his therapist: “I really am going to recommend that we start working on how you can develop your attraction towards women.”

With these tapes, it will be hard for Marcus Bachmann to avoid accusations he performs reparative therapy, which is considered dangerous by The American Psychological Association, The American Medical Association, The American Academy of Pediatrics, and The American Psychiatric Association. What might also complicate the situation for Marcus Bachmann is his company’s acceptance of state funding.

“The facts plainly show that Bachmann’s clinic does try to cure gay people and he is being evasive when he claims otherwise,” said Wayne Besen, the group’s executive director. 
Maybe need to lay low, this stuff is hurting her chances... I hope.

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