Kimberley Walsh is not-so-sexy in salmon as she steps out in unflattering and shapeless long pink skirt

By Daily Mail Reporter

Unflattering: Kimberley Walsh arrives at a TV studio to promote her new film in a shapeless salmon pink skirt

It's really not like Kimberley Walsh to get it wrong in the fashion stakes.

She is a woman that knows what suits her curvaceous frame, so it was a surprise to see her get it wrong.

The Girls Aloud star was snapped arriving for a TV interview this morning in a very unflattering salmon pink skirt.

It did nothing for her curves and hung shapelessly from her hips, making ti look as thought she'd wrapped a sheet round her waist.

The rest of the outfit was very chic, as she teamed the skirt with a beige leather jackets and matching peep-toed heels.

But the shapeless garment on her bottom half left a lot to be desired on the usually ever-so-stylish pop star.

Hi everyone! Kimberley waves at the fans that had gathered outside the studio to see her

Kimberley, 29, was guest on breakfast chat show Daybreak to promote her new film, Horrid Henry: The Movie.

But she started by paying tribute to Amy Winehouse and how her death still had her in shock.

Speaking to presenters Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles, she said: 'I know it’s been a few days but I actually still feel quite shocked by it. I was in just pure shock when I heard the news.

Ready for her close-up: Kimberley adjusts her hair for photos and then beams after being handed some lovely flowers

'We’ve watched her and we’ve feared that that was where it was going, but I think you never thought it would actually come to that, it’s just so sad, it’s such an awful loss.'

She added that there are many pressures faced by artists and said: 'You have to be a very strong character, and I think she clearly did get in with the wrong kind of crowd.

'She was in that Camden drug taking lifestyle and it’s just destructive. Like you say – and it’s a slippery slope. I just feel like it’s such a loss – musically as well. She’s so talented and everybody has so much respect for her.'

Moving on from the weekend's tragic news, Kimberley turned her thoughts to her new film, which is released on Friday.

The film is based on the fictional mischievous schoolboy character and Kimberley plays Henry's cousin Prissy Polly.

She said: 'I did quite a lot of acting before Girls Aloud, bits and pieces, so it was kind of revisiting it. It was fun actually, I quite liked it, I sort of settled back into it. And the kids were lovely and they made me feel quite welcome.

'I don’t know if you know, but I have got a little baby in the film – Vomiting Vera she’s called – so I was kept occupied with her for a lot of the time, just kind of making sure that she didn’t start crying in the middle of the scene. So it was hard to kind of keep everything on track, but it was fine.'

As for Girls Aloud - who are currently on hiatus - she said she hoped there were some plans for the group's ten year anniversary next year.

She said: 'I think the 10 year anniversary is a massive thing and we’re all really excited about it, so I think there definitely will be some plans put in place for that, which is really exciting.

'I think we’ll probably have more to see in the new year, but we are chatting about it now and it is a nice thought.'

On the big screen: Kimberley stars in new film Horrid Henry in which she plays Prissy Polly

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