Jurassic Park 4: We have a writer working on the script, Spielberg

Jurassic Park 4, Spielberg says at Comic Con,
"We have a story. We have a writer working on the script, and I think we will see a 'Jurassic 4' in our foreseeable future, probably in the next two or three years."
Spielberg attended Comic Con held in San Diego to present clips from his upcoming movie  "The Adventures of Tintin," produced & directed  by Peter Jackson, known for his film "Lord of the Rings". "Tintin" will surely hit box office this coming December.

Jurassic Park was first released in 1993 with plot happened in a fictional island off Costa Rica, Isla Nublar. Jurassic Park back then earned a total sales of $915 million worldwide and followed-up with two sequels. Dinosaurs developed from DNA in fossils that wreaked havoc upon a theme park where, instead of enjoying the wonders of science, the guests got eaten.

Spielberg and Jackson used the same state-of-the-art digital camera technology in smash hit movie, "Avatar."

Spielberg says,
"We wanted to use animation to get as close to the characters that (Herge) invented and not characters that we would then reinvent based on big names, big movie stars," 
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