The intelligent, efficient perfectionist: Kate Middleton would have made a 'great teacher' says leading handwriting expert

By Daily Mail Reporter

'Punctual, open, good at explaining things clearly': A handwriting expert claims the right-slanting cursive of the then Catherine Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge, means she would make an excellent teacher

The Duchess of Cambridge certainly earned top marks on her recent royal tour, but according to one character analysis expert, Miss Middleton may have missed her vocation.

A leading graphologist's study of the Duchess' handwriting has shown that her pedantry for time keeping, intelligence and efficiency would make her the perfect school teacher.

Former chairman of the British Institute for Graphologist, Elaine Quigley, studied a letter penned by Kate over a year before she became a member of the Royal Family in April.

She said the characteristics of Kate's cursive script is helpful in shedding light on her private persona and, in particular, her natural aptitude for academia.

Quigley said: 'The flow of Kate's script with rightward slant and joined letters, shows a writer who reaches out towards others.

'Looking at the letter, the endings of words are rather short, it shows her use of time is efficient. She doesn't prolong something that can be dealt with promptly.

'It is clear that she likes to move to the next thing without a lot of fuss or extended leave taking.

'She clearly believes time-keeping should be taken seriously and, as a bit of a perfectionist, she will prefer to be ready early rather than rushing at the last minute.

'Judging by the characteristics of her writing, Kate would make a great teacher, she has the ability to explain things clearly and sensibly.'

The Duchess lived up to her billing as the new people's princess on the tour of Canada with Prince William, where she effortlessly interacted with the public.

In the most touching picture moment of the tour Kate embraced a young cancer-sufferer - a show of Diana-like humility.

Upfront: Catherine's signature is readable and flowing, which denotes the fact that she is a natural in her way of dealing with people, says the expert

Quigley said the ease with which Kate interacts with normal people is not surprising given the clues in her script.

She said: 'Her signature is readable and flowing, which denotes the fact that she is up-front and natural in her way of dealing with people.

'It is clear that she is intelligent and uses both logic and sensory judgement in her appraisal of people and their needs. She is sensitive to how people respond to her.

'Looking at the writing itself, with the close line-spacing, it would seem that once she has embarked upon a social activity, she gives it her full commitment.

'She has a sense of justice and also of responsibility to those who need her support and she really does enjoy meeting people.'

Compassionate: Graphologist Elaine Quigley, one of the leading handwriting analysts in the country, says Catherine is an honest, strong person with a talent for 'reaching out' to others

Despite being the new darling of the Royal Family however, Quigley warned of a serious and businesslike edge to Kate's writing, something she said will stand her in good stead for her life of duty alongside William.

On the Canadian tour, the eldest Middleton showed her competitive spirit by taking on the future king in a Canadian Dragon boat race.

Despite coming in second best, Quigley said that fierce independence and a determination to do well is something we can expect to see more of from Kate.

She said: 'Kate is strong enough to evaluate a situation and, when able to follow her own judgement, she usually gets things right.

'Firmness and an inky pen trace shows a sensory personality attracted to what is useful and satisfying.

'She needs to be active, efficient and maintain high standards and likes to prepare for what she has to do, rather than rushing in and hoping for the best.

'I have no doubt that public office will be taken seriously and never seen as a chore.

'The combination of smooth but slightly angular writing shows an easy manner with a sharp mind.

'She recognises that privilege brings with it responsibility and she will be conscious of always carrying herself with dignity, pleasant receptivity and warmth'.

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