Highlights from Gays in Comics Panel at Comic Con

This marks the 24th year of the Gays in Comics Panel here at Comic Con. It's always an interesting group of folks.

This time around we had Andy Mangels (USA Today bestselling author of Star Trek novels and Iron Man: Beneath The Armor) hosts Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead, head of Image Comics's Skybound imprint), Chip Kidd (author, editor and designer, Bat-Manga, Rough Justice), Dan Parent (creator of Archie's new gay character and series, Kevin Keller), Jon Macy (writer/artist Teleny and Camille and Prism Queer Press grant recipient for Fearful Hunter), Paul Cornell (writer, TV's Doctor Who and DC Comics's upcoming Stormwatch and Demon Knights), Greg Pak (writer, Incredible Hulks, co-writer, Alpha Flight, Herc) and a video appearance by J. H. Williams III (co-writer/ artist, Batwoman).

So here are the highlights:
  • Batwoman's face is based from Traci Lords
  • Women are not having the best time in creating comics. In fact, it was the first time there were no women in the panel.
  • Robert Kirkman learned that he is a bear (and a cute one I might add).
  • The need for diverse characters are growing at rapid speed.
  • Robert Kirkman said Marvel was very supportive of his gay characters.
  • Paul Cornell said being a Doctor Who fan was a gay euphemism.
  • Robert Kirkman announced a new comic for 2012, 'Thief of Thieves' there will be a Trans character.
  • Archie Comics' Kevin Keller makes it easy for parents to talk about gay people.

  • Chip Kidd written a graphic novel on Batman with a gay villain.
  • Archie Comics will address DADT and gay marriage. Dan Parent said that Kevin shows us how to be patriotic & gay.
  • Marvel's Hercules is bisexual... I didn't know that.
  • Paul Cornell said there were 4 complaints about Captain Jack kissing the Doctor.
  • Kevin Keller will have a 5 year jump where the Archie characters will attend Kevin's wedding.

  • Jon Macy wants to promote sex positive stories with gay characters.
  • The room was packed with gays! We are taking over!
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