Guess Who is the First GOP Candidate to Sign that Anti-Gay Pledge?

It's Michele Bachmann! (Applause)

Yes, Lady Cray Cray was the first GOP Candidate to sign the stupid The Marriage Vow, the 14 page pledge to denounce gay marriage and make families whole again:
Michele Bachmann became the first presidential candidate to sign a pledge by The Family Leader, an Iowa-based religious right group. The 14-point pledge asks candidates to ban same-sex marriage, protect women and children from pornography and reject Islamic law. Signers also must promise to affirm that same-sex marriage is akin to polygamy and that having many children is good for America. The vow also insinuates that homosexuality is a choice, and that being gay or lesbian is a public health risk.
She-Mess just signed her chances of being president away, basically. The pledge also ask the candidates to protect folks from porn and gays in the military. Or in other words, bring back DADT.

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