Giorgio Armani, you CAN'T be 77! Iconic designer looks in great shape as he relaxes on Spanish holiday

By Holly Thomas

Making a splash: Giorgio Armani hit the beach while enjoying a holiday with a male friend on beautiful Spanish island Formentera

Giorgio Armani looked fighting fit on the beach as he soaked up the sunshine with a friend on holiday on the gorgeous Spanish island Formentera yesterday.

No mean feat, given the iconic designer turned 77 this month.

Entirely at ease, he and his good-looking companion chatted quietly together in the beautifully clear water.

Giorgio has been enjoying his Spanish break with friends, during which he has sparked attention in his beach wear and body.

He's certainly worked on his look since last year, when shots of him wearing an unflattering pair of white speedos on the Formentera beach invited comparisons with Daniel Craig's iconic swimwear scene in Casino Royale.

Perhaps their not-so-hot reception was what prompted him to opt for the more flattering black pair he wore yesterday, which were also from his own collection.

It can't be denied that the Italian is in fantastic shape for his age, which can only be an asset when modelling his own designs.

He teamed the black speedos with a sleek pair of matching sunglasses, both a sensible and stylish option under the glaring sun.

Fighting fit: The 77-year-old looked in fantastic shape, showing off an almost flat stomach and healthy tan

In an industry known for excess and extremes, it appears that Giorgio has taken care not to allow the demons of his profession influence his own behaviour.

Physical health is a subject close to Giorgio's heart. He was the first designer to ban models with a BMI of under 18 after the tragic death of model Ana Carolina Reston from anorexia nervosa in 2006.

His finger remains firmly on the pulse of modern fashion. He was also the first designer to broadcast his collection live on the Internet in 2007, a ground-breaking moment for haute couture.

Relaxed: Giorgio and his friend seemed content to chat in peace rather than splash about

Iconic look: Giorgio, pictured with actress Hilary Swank, is known for clean lines and perfect fit of his tailoring

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