Footloose and fancy free: Kim Kardashian looks more Primark than Prada as she ditches heels in favour of flat shoes again

By Daily Mail Reporter

On first glance, Kim Kardashian appears to have forgotten she's a millionairess as she wondered through the airport like a mere mortal.

The socialite was, believe it or not, carrying her own bags instead of relying on one of her minions.

It also seemed to have slipped her memory that she has an entire wardrobe of designer heels that would leave even Carrie Bradshaw foaming at the mouth.

Forgot something? Kim Kardashian seems to have developed a soft spot for flats

But casual Kim stepped out in a pair of flat sandals that didn't even have so much as a kitten heel or a half inch wedge.

At just over five foot, the 30-year-old usually seizes every opportunity to give her height a boost and totters along on skyscrapers.

Considering fiancé Kris Humphries is a professional NBA player who towers above her a six foot nine inches, little Kim often needs a helping hand.

While she still looked elegant in a summery playsuit and softer make-up than usual, the socialite was more Primark than Prada.

She opted for minimal bling and the only obvious sign of a designer brand was her Louis Vitton suitcase she dragged behind her.

Despite doing very little to her hair in terms of style, her tresses still looked enviably shiny as they hung perfectly over her shoulders.

It's a refreshing change to see a celebrity actually have daywear in their closet and not swan around in latex or lace while they run errands.

Her blood red toenails couldn't deflect from the fact she had several bruises scattered on the back of her leg.

Poor Kim looked like she had taken a tumble or been bitten by a mosquito, as the red spots freckled her left calf.

The young entrepreneur - who co-owns a boutique with sisters Kourtney and Khloé, designs jewellery and is also a model - had been busy with meetings in New York, before flying home to LA.

She tweeted: 'Back in LA! Happy to be home!'

Dashing around: Flat-shoed Kim smiles to fans as she swans through LAX airport

Chatterbox: Fans flocked around Kim to take photos as she spoke on mobile

Gossip girl: Kim is glued to her phone as she drags her bag behind her

The reality star is set to marry Humphries next month, in what will no doubt be a lavish ceremony.

Preparations have extended well beyond purchasing a dress and a cake, with Kim hiring Dancing with the Stars professional Mark Ballas to tutor the couple personally for their first dance.

The pair got engaged in May after Kris proposed with a 20.5-carat Lorrain Schwartz diamond engagement ring.

Comfort over style: Kim wears flats as she arrived in New York for meetings

Heel today, gone tomorrow: Kim usually has a flair for towering skyscrapers

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