The Folks Behind Blue Bunny Ice Cream funds the Anti-Gay Bob Vander Plaats

Bob Vander Plaats is a horrid person in the LGBT world. He is responsible for ousting the 3 pro gay judges in Iowa, creating the Marriage Vow for the GOP presidential candidates and orchestrating Mike Huckabee's run in 2008.

But someone has to wonder, who is backing this man? Who is giving him the funds to do these bigoted things? Well, Think Progress has the answer... The Wells Family from the Wells Dairy:

The company, headquartered in Le Mars, Iowa, is the third largest ice cream maker in the United States and sells its products under the Blue Bunny label. Wells Dairy has 5 percent market share behind Nestlé (Häagen-Dazs, Dreyer’s, Mövenpick) and Unilever (Ben & Jerry’s and Breyers Ice Cream), licenses the Weight Watchers brand of ice creams, sells Chef Duff’s ice cream (of Ace of Cakes fame), and partners with Disney to offer Disney-branded novelties. But the Wells family is interested in more than frozen desserts. Mike Wells, the president and CEO of the company, was a member of Vander Plaats’ council of advisers during his gubernatorial campaign and public records reveal that Wells family members have contributed at least $456,000 to Vander Plaats and his affiliated organizations and campaigns:
– $184,500 from Wells family members for his 2010 gubernatorial race, his largest contributors.
– $246,000 from Wells family members for his 2006 gubernatorial race.
– $25,500 from Wells family members for his 2002 gubernatorial race.
– $25,500 to the Iowa Family Center PAC, a group associates with the FAMiLY Leader.
Wow! This sucks because many of us buy these products. Perhaps we need to confront the Wells family on their foolishness. BOYCOTT!
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