David Duke wants to Run (Maybe) for President

Oh Me Lord! This circus is just getting bigger and crazier everyday. Now, the former KKK King David Duke is exploring running for president.
The Daily Beast says Duke is launching a 25-city tour this month "to explore how much support he can garner for a potential presidential bid."

Duke, a former grand wizard of the Klan in Louisiana, ran for the president as a Republican in 1992 and as a Democrat in 1988. He has also made unsuccessful bids for Louisiana governor and Congress.

Duke's website promotes his views, and contains posts such as a piece on "government-mandated racism against whites" and a doctored photo of President Obama wearing an outlandish hat and mustache.
Really? David Duke? Ain't nobody is going to vote for his ass! This is too much, just too much and too funny.

Who else is going to run? Dole? Dan Quayle? Bullwinkle?
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