Coming Soon: MTV's True Life: I'm Trying to be Straight

I never thought I would see this True Life episode.

Here's the summary of this story:

What if you've expressed your sexuality in the same way for your entire adult life - but then decide to change your orientation completely? On this episode of True Life you'll meet two young people who once considered themselves gay. and now are doing everything they can to be straight. 

Kevin cannot deny his sexual attraction to men, but has sworn off same sex relationships because of the pain it caused him and his devoutly religious family. Kevin believes that with the help of a therapist, supportive friends, and his own willpower he can redirect his urges and be embraced once more by his parents - and his church. Will Kevin control his impulses and achieve what he considers to be the more traditional American dream? 

Melanie has always preferred dating girls - but ever since a violent confrontation with her disapproving mother, Melanie's been making drastic adjustments to her lifestyle. She's now juggling multiple heterosexual relationships - which is helping her reconnect with her once estranged family - even though she's suppressing deeply felt desires. Will Melanie ultimately give into temptation and risk losing everything again? 

They're trying to find the path to inner peace. Have they reached self acceptance or are they simply in denial? Find out on True Life: I'm Trying to be Straight.

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