Captain America can't keep its title in Russia, Ukraine and South Korea

Interesting... Captain America: The First Avenger can't keep its movie title in Russia, Ukraine and South Korea.
Though it is common for American blockbusters to feature less US-focused titles in foreign markets, Paramount largely decided against the alterations for Captain America, and instead gave foreign countries  the choice of two titles, Captain America: The First Avenger or The First Avenger.

Interestingly, most international distributors believed the franchise name was so identifiable that not using "Captain America" in the title could risk losing ticket sales.

Spokespeople for Marvel and Paramount declined to comment on why Russia, Ukraine and South Korea opted for The First Avenger.

Additionally, it is expected the film will likely not see release in China due to a policy that only allows the country to theatrically screen 20 foreign films each year. However, a decision has yet to be reached.
Wow, it feels like they don't like us. I hope there info coming down the pike about this.

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