Alex Reid hits back at Leandro Penna's offensive 'freak gay' comments with joke T-shirt

By Holly Thomas

Comeback: Alex Reid appeared to be making fun of Katie Price's boyfriend's offensive jibes that he was a 'freak gay'

It was never an amiable breakup for reality superduo Alex Reid and Katie Price.

And when Alex Reid donned a 'Freak Gay' T-shirt as he hit London's Shadow Lounge last night, it wasn't the insensitive slur it might have appeared at first.

This was the cagefighter's comeback to an insulting tweet from his estranged wife's current boyfriend Leandro Penna, which labelled Reid a 'freak gay'.

In addition, Reid's friend for the night wore a red t-shirt inscribed 'He is gay', to propel the joke further.

Penna had written to his Twitter followers last week: 'Alex Reid should worry. I've seen video of him as a woman. SHOCKING. It explains why Katie finished with him. What a weird freak gay.'

One hopes that Leandro's blunt phrasing was a linguistic glitch due to the fact that English is not his first language, however his tweet (which he has now removed) sparked outrage among Price's loyal gay fans.

Lighthearted: Alex seemed in a jokey mood, 'wresting' his friend outside London's Shadow Lounge

Double act: Alex's pal also donned a slogan T, just in case there was any doubt as to the message they were sending

Leandro later tweeted a 'disclaimer' saying: 'I am not homophobic, I have no problem with gays, it is Alex's sickening behaviour I have a problem with.'

By 'sickening behaviour' we can assume that Leandro was referring the fact that Reid sometimes enjoys channelling an alter-ego called Roxanne by cross-dressing.

This is only the latest in a seemingly constant war of words between the embattled exes.

In response to hints from Alex that his new love Chantelle Houghton is dynamite in bed, in contrast to 'disappointing' Katie Price wrote on Twitter:: 'Wish alex reid would stop selling stories about me! I'm sure if people saw pic&vid clips of him as Roxanne its enough to turn anyone off. [sic]'

Rivalry: Katie and her new boyfriend Leandro, who she started with only a month after breaking up with Alex, have been in a constant war of words with the cagefighter

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