10 Ways African-Americans can be more accepting of the LGBT community

Black folks are seriously behind the times when it comes to LGBT acceptance and understanding. Many within the community still struggle with gay people and still believe
demons are the reason why we are gay.

Well, I'm hear to say, Wake Up and get over it! It is what it is. Blacks folks are LGBT people too!

It is time for Black folks to finally get on the bandwagon and here's how:
  1. Stop saying that LGBT issues are White issues. It's an everybody's issue.
  2. Education yourself. Stop relying on rumors and lies about the LGBT community.
  3. Remember our struggle. We don't have to compare it, but remember the struggle and how it took a lot of love and support to get through.
  4. Challenge the church. You should not allow false preachers to carelessly speak for you or put stupid thoughts in your head. 
  5. Actually read the Bible see how wrong you have been all these years.
  6. Remember, these 'Gay' people are your family. Gays are not some new race. They are your cousins, sons, daughters uncles and aunts. They are a part of you and your family. Always keep that in mind.
  7. Realizing gay marriage will not destroy the family unit. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You know what hurts the family? Ignorance and foolishness.
  8. Stop forcing stereotypical gender roles in our community. I think men truly struggle with their sexual identities due to the myths we have adapted as acceptable roles.
  9. Denounce homophobia in our community. Stop promoting hate!
  10. Understand that civil rights applies to all.
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