Sony's Online Services burglarized Again

Online services Sony again burglarized. This time, the hackers have been stealing money amounting to 1225 U.S. dollars from online services subsidiary in Japan So-Net. Uunit internet service provider owned by Sony it has warned its customers about this burglary and has taken in anticipation.

"What we do is stop the exchange of points SO-Net and notify customers to replace their passwords," said So-Net on its website. burglary carried out during two days of 16-17 May 2011 to a point redemption system that can be cashed.

So far, So-Net have not found evidence of an account at an online system that burglarized. So-Net also ensure no leakage of customer data. "We did not find any possibility of a third party to get the name, address, date of birth and telephone numbers of customers," he said.

Internet security experts have warned the Sony network vulnerable to hacker attacks. Sony itself has not been able to comment on the last attack.

Previously, hackers stole 23,400 credit card access and debit card customers outside the United States. Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), online game development company owned by Sony,

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