Cigarette Inhibition on Female Orgasm

One more reason for women to stay away from smoking habit. Smoked cigarettes can inhibit the occurrence of perlendiran in female sex organs, causing pain during intercourse.

Sexology expert from the Udayana University in Bali, Prof Dr Dr Wimpie Pangkahila SpAnd, say, smoking can cause inflammation of the blood vessel wall of the vagina. As a result, perlendiran become obstructed and cause pain when having sex.

In fact, the process perlendiran very important in terms of vaginal intercourse. Vaginal mucus serves as a lubricant which facilitates penetration without pain.

"Cigarettes can also suppress the production of female hormones, including testosterone. As a result, the sexual drive was blocked," said Wimpie.

If the inhibited sexual desire, vaginal perlendiran automated process was inhibited. Thus, the penetration will be difficult to do.

"If forced, of course going to hurt. Well, if it is so, how could the woman have an orgasm? Penetration just sick," said Wimpie.

However, Wimpie not blame cigarettes as ringleader completely. According to him, there are other factors contributing causes mucus production was not optimal.

"Cigarettes have a significant role. But, to know for certain, it is better to first be examined by medical experts," added Wimpie.

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