Browser Opera Mini 6 Entrance IPAD

Today, Tuesday (24/05/2011), the Opera Mini browser 6 is officially available to the IOS platform made ​​by Apple. IPhone and iPad Users can download free software from the Apple App Store.

Mobile browser Opera Mini provides a different experience when surfing the web to complete the iPad browser and the iPhone is already available. Opera Mini works with a special proxy server that has a data compression rate nearly 90 percent, so it offers high-speed access while saving resources.

Opera states can adapt to the latest browser in high resolution and changes to the user interface (UI) to accommodate the large screen size. Opera Mini version 6 is designed to present the views become more comfortable for the tablets.

Some of the improvements made ​​features is the ability to perform enlargement (zooming) on-screen display with a faster and smoother. Keys to share to share the site at My Opera, Facebook, Twitter, or vKontakte also provided directly from the browser Opera Mini 6. In addition, the display is claimed to be more beautiful skin color and Opera menu which has been redesigned.

Opera browser for the first time made ​​available to IOS from April 2010 with Opera Mini version 5. This software has achieved millions of downloads at the Apple App Store within 24 hours and was ranked top in each of the Apple App Store worldwide. Well, what about Opera Mini 6, whether to repeat that success?

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