Green cars from Porsche

Various car manufacturers the world has been producing environmentally friendly cars. Call it Japanese manufacturers, Toyota and Honda, which popularized hybrid technology. Do not want to miss to make the world more "green", the Porsche is rumored to be launching its hybrid car.

For the first time, electric-fueled dragster built. Porsche 911 course will be the coolest hybrid car. Porsche said the use of these technologies as a solution to save fuel. Porsche wants to use more hybrid powertrains and lightweight materials to improve vehicle efficiency.

"Products from Porsche, of course, will adjust the delivery of electric powertrains strength to produce a driving experience with the car class," said Michael Steiner, maker of hybrid technology for the Porsche.

Today, Porsche has made a version of the Cayenne SUV hybrid car and Panama. Porsche will show that spectacular car at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Germany, in September

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